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White Bumps on Lips – Causes & Treatment

Lips, the most tempting part of your face which can build the confidence to speak, to smile and to look good. But what if you got some issue with them like white bumps on it? It can sneak your confidence and can be a great health problem for you. So, let’s discuss about this in more detail so that you can prevent it.

Move towards the causes of white bumps on lips

It is very important to know the reason for any problem to cure it. White bumps on lips also have many causes which you must know:

  1. Fordyce: These are the small white spots which are the oil-glands inside the lips and can be seen usually. But when its size gets incline due to increasing age, it becomes bumps. Generally, these are not harmful.
  2. Oral herpes: It can be the reason behind white bumps as in early-stage its size is really small but with time, fluid gets stuck in that which makes them bigger and bit painful.
  3. Oral cancer: It’s a really big term but can be the reason of these white bumps on lips. In this case, these are painless in the early stage but later on fills with blood. And the reason behind oral cancer can be smoking, sun exposure or tobacco.
  4. Fungal Infection: Oral infection is the most common reason behind these bumps which can happen due to hygiene issues. In most of the cases, Candida albicans is the big reason behind Oral thrush.


When is the time to visit the doctor?

Generally, white bumps happen due to small issues that can be cured at home also. But there may be some other symptoms that can force you to go and see the doctor:

  • If you are feeling pain
  • If blood is there in your bumps
  • If you are feeling pressure on your throat
  • If there is swelling in your neck or jaw
  • If you are getting trouble while eating
  • If your tongue gets insensible
  • If you get high temperature

Also, if these white bumps are still there after 14 days then also you should visit the doctor.

What is the way to diagnose these white bumps on lips?

Initially, the doctor can ask you for your medical history and examine your mouth thoroughly to check if there is any swelling in the jaw or neck. In some cases, doctors clean your mouth by small incision on that white bump which then goes to the laboratory to check about the bacteria or virus that is the reason behind it.

Sometimes, doctors doubt if there is any chance of oral cancer then a sample of that can be sent to the cancer cell.

However, most of the time, doctors identify the cause of white bumps on lips by just examine your mouth without any test.

Is there any way to get treated?

Cure of white bumps can be done if the cause is known because, in some situations, there is no as such treatment is required such as Fordyce. But in case, if you don’t want to see these spots then you can remove them through surgeries.

Whereas bumps due to oral thrush or herpes can be treated with medication and some oral hygiene. Medicines can also remove bacterial and fungal infections if any.

Though, if there are symptoms of oral cancer then its treatment is totally opposite. It contains operations, chemotherapy or other methods to stop cancer to spread.

What you can do at your home to get rid of white bumps on lips?

Without knowing the reason, you should not do anything with your lips because it may increase the itching or irritation. It’s very important to consult the doctor, first.

You can apply some cream or ointment by concerning the doctor so that you can get some relief from pain. To stop irritation, you can rinse your mouth with Luke warm salt water. It can be very effective for at least temporary relief.

But you shouldn’t ignore these white bumps on damplips as it can be the sign of some severe health issue also. Life is all about health that you always have to care on priority.

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