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Types of Lips – Shape & Beauty of Lips – Round or Plump

Nowadays, study about the lips is becoming a new trend which is known as Lipsology which relates the shape of your damplips with the traits of your personality. In this study, the focus is mainly on four parts of the lips: Corners, Cupids bow, Teardrop, and Natural lines.
Types of Lips - Shape & Beauty of Lips - Round or Plump

Types of Lips – Shape & Beauty of Lips – Round or Plump

Types of lips

Do you know, your lips are as different as fingerprints of every person? It can be used as an identification mark also. Every person has a different kind of lines on their lips which make them unique.

To define the type of lips, there is not a single way. The following are the ways to find what sort of lips you have.

  1. Lips Shape

This is the most common way to define the type of lips you have and what your lips say about you. Here are some shapes of lips:

  • Round Lips: It shows that you are very fascinating and adventurous. This shape reveals that you are a very confident person and always get ready to take risks in life. You can get success only due to your confidence level.
  • Heart-shaped Lips: If your cupids bow is deeper and lower lip is fuller then you have heart-shaped lips. It means you are an independent kind of person who loves to do everything on your own. It also tells that you are a creative and innovative person.
  • Thin Lips: If you have both upper and lower thinner lips which means that you always like to stay in control. You have a personality which doesn’t go social much and has a soft side which you show rarely.
  • Goldilocks Lips: The shape of these lips is not very thick and not very thin and also there is no shape of cupids bow either. It reveals that you are quite less demanding and always do work with logic. You are keen to make good partners.
  • Wider lips: You are very friendly and extrovert if you have wide lips. You can become a good leader and always seem perfect in every work. You are very good at making friends and handling big groups.
  • Plump Center: If your lips are bit thicker and fuller from the center then you have plump lips. You are born talented and always want to be a center of attraction in any situation if you have plump center lips.
  • Full Lips: If your upper and lower lips are plumped naturally that means you have fuller lips. You are very protective of your close ones and always want to protect them in any situation. It shows that you value relationships and friendship on your first priority above anything else.

Beauty Lips Type

Beauty Lips Type

  1. Lips Print

It is the way to differentiate the types of lips with the lines on them and there are 5 types of lips according to lips print:

  • Type 1: A person who has vertical lines all over the lips.
  • Type 2: A person has branched or y shaped lines.
  • Type 3: If the lines are intersecting each other then its type 3.
  • Type 4: It’s a type where a person has lines as a net structure.
  • Type 5: It’s a mixture of all types of lines.

Lips: Beauty?

Which shape of lips is popular, it depends upon the area where you live and the culture along with the trend. Lips are the most attractive feature of a face and according to the survey it relies on the size and the place of living. For instance; in Latin America, people usually like big lips whereas, its opposite in Europe and North America.

These preferences are mostly similar in a particular area and don’t get changed with any other factor. Lips play an important role in the external beauty of a person because if you have tempting features then lots of people can get attracted to you but again, the definition of beauty depends on a place like what is the preference of them in terms of the shape of lips.

Hence, you can say that yes, lips can be seen as the beauty of someone that can also be taken as the kissable lips in other words.

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