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Tingling Lips – Reasons, Symptoms & Diagnose for Tingling Lips

A sense of pins and needling in your lips is known as Tingling Lips, which can occur due to any reason like allergy, chapped lips, or cold sores. It is also directly connected with your nervous system so never take it for granted. When the weather is extremely cold or hot, that can also cause tingling lips by damaging any nerve.
Tingling Lips - Reasons, Symptoms & Diagnose

Tingling Lips – Reasons, Symptoms & Diagnose

Symptoms of Tingling Lips

Symptoms can be different as per the reason behind this creepy sensation as these symptoms can be seen in other body parts also. That’s why you should be aware of such conditions.

Now, what are the other lip symptoms can occur along with tingling lips:

  • Sensation of burning
  • Chapped and dryness
  • Swelling or Redness
  • Insensibility
  • Bit Pain

Some other problems that can occur along with tingling lips:

  • Touch can be highly sensitive
  • Weakness in muscles
  • Pain in nerves
  • Insensitivity in other parts of the body also
  • Impaired coordination

These are the symptoms that still can be handled but there are some serious, life-threatening conditions that can happen.

If you are feeling tingling in your lips but only at one side, then that can be a symptom of having a stroke. At that time, you have to call your doctor or an ambulance immediately. But there can be other serious symptoms for stroke that you can see, such as:

  • If your level of consciousness can get changed.
  • If your mind gets confused suddenly like some changes in your mental stability.
  • If you are unable to move your body part.
  • If you are getting some blurriness in your vision.
  • If you are suffering from a severe headache.

How you can find if your condition is really critical or mild?

Non-Serious: If you are feeling tingling in both of your lips then it can be due to some product allergy or food allergy that can be treated.

Moderately Serious: Hypothermia or frostbite like situations that can be treated without any delay can protect your tissues to get permanent damage.

Most serious: If you are feeling numbness on one side of the lip that can be a sign of the most serious issue which you need to get treated on the spot, such as stroke.

Reasons for Tingling Lips

There are some common reasons along with some serious causes so you should know that for what reason you are facing tingling lips because you can only cure it if you know the reason behind it by healing that cause.

Common Causes behind tingling in lips

  • Allergy from lip product or food items
  • Chemical or Sunburn
  • Virus infection (Cold Sores)
  • Extreme cold or hot weather
  • Injury of lip

Diseases causing this sensation

There are many diseases also that can cause tingling lips and some situations are also there which you can read the following:

  • The cervical issue that can damage the nerves.
  • Multiple types of sclerosis, which is a disease related to the brain and nervous system. It makes the nerves weak and causes difficulty in balance in the body.
  • There can be a deficiency of Vitamin B12.
  • Cancer

Causes due to environment

Your environment can also be a cause of tingling in your damplips. Some of the reasons are the following:

  • It can be due to anesthesia while some dental work.
  • It can be due to very cold weather which can freeze your tissues.
  • When a person cries a lot, it can create a shortage of carbon dioxide in the blood which further creates insensitivity.
  • Medication can also be one of the reasons, as there are so many mouth gels for various reasons like pain or white bumps in lips.
  • Some habits such as tobacco can be the cause of numbness.

Serious Cases

Along with these conditions, there can be some serious cases happen due to tingling lips. It can create life-threatening situations where you might need an emergency. Some such cases are:

  • Stroke
  • Nerve trauma
  • The situation of Transient ischemic attack

To get diagnosed, you will have to answer the following questions that your doctor may ask.

  • About the medication that you are taking currently
  • About the time duration that you are facing this tingling
  • About the other symptoms that you might be suffering from
  • About the duration of these symptoms if any
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