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Swollen Lips – Reasons & Treatment of Lips Allergies

In the morning, when you wake up and see that your lips are swollen! It just changes the looks of a person wholly. This usually happened when some fluid deposits under the skin due to which lips get larger than normal.

There can be any reason behind the swelling of lips especially when it was in good condition a night before. It can be an alarming sign for you for the dental checkup of mouth if it doesn’t go okay in some time.

Reasons for the swelling of lips :

  1. Allergy: It may be an allergic reaction from some substance that you might consume which can be anything like food, medicines, cosmetic products. It also can be due to a bite of any insect. Some food such as milk, peanuts, fish, wheat and many more are usually associate with the allergies so you should go for the allergy check-up if it occurs frequently.
  2. Skin infections: Pimples can also be the reason behind the swelling if it is near or at the corner of the lips. Moreover, infections like sores or herpes can also cause swollen lips which can be a symptom of bacteria that generate overnight.
  3. Dental problem: If you have braces on your teeth just now, and feeling uncomfortable that means it can also cause swelling to the lips.
  4. Injuries: It might happen when you accidentally get small cut or injury on your lips because of high blood circulation in lips, swelling comes quickly.
  5. Biting of lips: Some people have a habit to chew or bite their lips which can cause small cuts also. It can also lead to a swollen lip.

Swollen Lips - Reasons & Treatment of Lips Allergies - Damplips

When I have to visit the doctor?

Swollen lips can be the symptom of some severe allergy like Anaphylaxis, which doesn’t take a long time to react. It generates some chemicals in the body and flood it to the immune system. Hence, that condition can be dangerous for your health. But you should consider other symptoms also before going to the doctor. If you feel like fainting, low BP or swelling in throat and tongue then surely you need to take treatment.

Types of Allergies that can be the cause of swollen lips:

You should be aware of these things in your life as you can’t predict that in which phase of life you feel the same. So, following are the allergies:

  1. Allergy from the environment: It doesn’t mean that you have issues with the whole environment but with some substances, you may have an allergy like pollen, dust or pet hairs. But it would also have some other symptoms also such as swelling in other body parts, sneezing or chest congestion.
  2. Allergy from food: Many people have allergies from some kind of food stuff and it can be the reason behind your swollen lips. Nearly 5% of youngsters are facing this issue in the world. And the reaction of this allergy starts from swelling only so you must take care of what you eat.
  3. Other allergies: There are many more things that can react on our body either it is some drug allergy or due to some insect bite. So, you must look after the salts that you are consuming in some medicines which can react to you.

Treatment of swollen lips:

  1. Cold press: You can compress some cold things like ice on the lips to get rid of swelling and pain. It is the fastest way to treat your swollen lips.
  2. Rinse with salty water: Salt plays a vital role in the treatment of lips as it has an anti-bacterial property that can help you to cure small injuries and bacterial infections.
  3. Baking Soda and Turmeric: By making a paste of baking soda or turmeric powder, you can apply on your lips so that it can be healed soon. Both of these substances have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which can be best for healing.
  4. Cleansing: Cleansing of the lips area is very important so that bacteria can be removed and for that, you can just wash it with soap and water only if there is nothing you have at a time.
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