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Plump Lips – No side-effects on your skin or lips

One of the experts faces the reader quote that “lips of a person give the note on your personality in your relationship” which means what kind of person you are. As the shape of your body parts work for you to show your personality so as Lips.

But nowadays, it doesn’t only matter with this, in fact, people want their shape of lips according to the trend like now Plump Lips are trending like Kylie Jenner and other models. Because lips are the most tempting part of your face to attract someone. That’s why most of the models focus on their lips more than any other thing over their faces.

Plump Lips - No side-effects on your skin or lips

Plump Lips – No side-effects on your skin or lips

Pouts made by plump lips are the most attractive ones. But the thing is, is there a way to get plump lips? Actually, it is not easy to get them naturally. But there are some ways to make the illusion of such lips:

Natural lip – plumper

There are some natural ingredients that can help you to make your lips chubby. And the following are the ways:

  • Use coconut oil or cocoa butter: This is basically to hydrate your lips naturally. You can use any of these regularly at night before sleeping. Just take a pinch of it and rub it to your lips. Your lips seem healthy and full when they are properly hydrated. It can also help to heal cracked lips.
  • Exfoliation: This is to remove the dead skin over the lips which you can do with your normal toothbrush and homemade sugar scrub. Just rub the brush in a circular motion and you’ll get the natural lip color back. Also, it increases the circulation of blood which can raise your lips and feel of plump lips.
  • Balm: Homemade lip balm made of coconut and peppermint oil can be natural plumper for your lips without any side-effects. You can make it by adding 5-6 drops of peppermint oil into 1 spoon coconut oil and just mix it well. You can rub it on lips with your finger. These ingredients help in better flow of blood which is important for plump lips.
  • Natural lip plumper: For the temporary instant plumpness, you can make this at your home with olive oil and some chili powder. Mix them both and rub it on the lips because chili will lightly swell your lips which will give a look of plump lips. But it can be irritated so to prevent, you can use some lip balm, it will give you relief.

Selection of products: It is very important to choose the right product for yourself so that there would be no side-effects on your skin or lips.

  • Products that contain Hyaluronic Acid: You can check if the product like lip shades contain hyaluronic acid in it. You can even search online about these cosmetic products. This acid can provide you some volume and make your lips plump. Not only this, but it can also even protect your lips to get chapped.
  • Products that contain collagen peptides: This is for a long-time effect, as collagen peptides can make your lips healthier and fuller. It can also remove the wrinkles and fine lines over the lips.
  • Caffeine balm: It can make your lips rosy and smooth which can make them attractive. Like your energy booster, it can boost the flow of blood in your lips to make them plump.
  • Capsicum or cinnamon: These are the ingredients that have the capability to boost your lips. They have properties of irritation that can slightly swell the lips to give you look of big lips. You can find such products easily in the market.

The illusion of plump lips: It can be done with makeup as nothing is impossible.

  • Foundation or Concealer: It can be used to make a bigger baseline to make your lips bigger and you can use other lip products on it.
  • Lip liner: You can make lip lines outside the lip with one shade darker to your natural lip color and fill the inner area with your lip pencil or shade.
  • Highlighter: You can put some highlighter on the cupid of your lips with your finger. It will create fuller lips and reflect the light to make them more filling.
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