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Duck Lips – Cause of – Way to Fix the issue of Duck Lips

Duck lips are not natural at all, lips when they get swell up and look huge than your natural ones. When someone gets fillers in the lips in a high quantity that is the cause behind duck lips. Obviously, it is accidentally because no one usually wants to have unnatural lips that can be funny.

Lip fillers are normally done by those who have very small lips which are not so attractive to make them normal size. But duck lips, make a bad name of these lip fillers in the industry. Whereas, it is a great way to get rid of wrinkles near the lips and fine lines also which can gift you a younger appearance. So, if it is done in a proper manner then only it can be useful otherwise the result would be Duck Lips.

To understand the concept of duck lips, it is important to know what makes it?

There are various folks, who want to have a good and alluring shape of their lips, for which there are injectors available in the market which can fulfill their desire. But if these injectors get wrongly distributed then it can ruin the shape of your lips. If the fillers are only injected in one corner then it will be collected over there and comes forward, that is why it is very important to get fillers from any experienced injector and reputable clinic who know the quantity and symmetry of injection.

Duck Lips - Cause of - Way to Fix the issue of Duck Lips

Do you know what are the causes of Duck Lips?

When fillers are not injected as per the time then it shows very bad results. Some patients generally ask the doctor for lips as any celebrity has, but it takes time because an ideal way to get good results is to get fillers once in a month in small quantities until you get the desired outcome. But if you keep hurrying for the result and get a high quantity of fillers then you may get duck lips.

There is a normal ratio of lips, according to which our upper lip is half of the thickness of the lower one but if this ratio gets interrupted then also it can give you unnatural lips.

Not only this, but you should also be aware of what kind of fillers you are getting as some fillers like Hyaluronic acid are specially used for providing you a natural look. But many others can be bad for you.

Other than that, it also can be due to bad habits of making pout all the time which can ruin the symmetry of lips.

What you should do to not facing the problem of Duck Lips?

  • Always opt to an expert, who knows where to stop because if fillers are injected in high quantity then it will give you the worst outcome. Moreover, it can also be a result of a poor technique that’s why it is prominent to search the best dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon.
  • Injections are injected by keeping the proportion of lower and upper lips in mind. So, you should ask your injector about the results before and after to get an idea about your looks. And only expert injectors can know about the good ratio of the lips.
  • The choice of fillers is very important so you should tell about your exact desires to the injector so that he can choose relevant filler for you according to your current lip size.
  • When you have just gone through the session of filling of lips, try to avoid salty food which can swell your lips more.

Is there any way to fix the issue of duck lips?

The fillers which are injected to increase the size of lips have to be dissolved so that it can be back to the size that you want. And it can be done with the hyaluronidase enzyme that can be injected on in the lips where the fillers were injected. But it should also be injected in a small amount. And try to change your dermatologist, whom you can trust and have great expertise in such cases.

Hence, liquefy the previous chemicals is the only way to get rid of this appearance so that you can improve your looks and have pretty lips.

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