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Dry Lips – Causes behind & Treatment of Dry lips

Dry lips are the sign that you are lacking behind the hydration of your body and there is some imbalance of essential minerals. This is the most common reason behind your dry lips but there can be some other reasons also. Actually, the skin of lips is thinner than other body parts due to which it affects more quickly, moreover, there are no pores on lips and that’s why no oil glands are there to keep them hydrated. Everyone wants to look good and lips are the first part of face that can attract your surrounding but normally, people forget to care about them.

Causes behind dry lips:

  1. Weather: There is a possibility that weather can affect your lips either it’s UV radiations of sun or dryness of winters. It can be cured by exfoliating which you can do 2 times a week to get healthier looking lips.
  2. Licking of lips: Many folks have habit to lick or chew their lips but it’s a very bad for them. It can make you realize that by this your lips get hydrated but in actual, it doesn’t. In fact, it makes them more dryer than you imagine because saliva evaporates along with the natural moisture.
  3. Infection: Some bacteria can steak the moisture around your lips and it is a cause of fungal infection that can be painful as well.
  4. Dehydration: This is the most common cause of dry lips because it shows that your hydration level is too low in your body which you can make stable by making a routine of drinking 8 glasses of water daily.
  5. Allergies: If you are using so many products of different brands on your lips then also it can happen because of some allergy due to some certain ingredients in them.
  6. Lack of Vitamins: Deficiency of vitamins can also be one of the reasons of dry lips because Vitamins B1, B2 and B6 are essential to keep your lips moisturized.


Treatment of Dry lips

  1. Lip balm: You can use lip balm which contains those ingredients that can help you to moisturize your lips like petroleum, essential oils or beeswax. In fact, you can make your own home-made lip balm also to avoid chemicals.
  2. Choose your products wisely: You should always examine the ingredients of products that you are purchasing. If it contains camphor, salicylic acid or menthol then avoid them, especially when you have dry skin because it can make your lips drier.
  3. Exfoliation: Scrubbing can help you to remove dead and dry tissues from your lips and to make them smooth and pink. You can even make scrub at home with sugar and oil.
  4. No smoking: Say no to smoke because it is not only bad for your lips but your whole mouth due to which the color of lips becomes dull.
  5. No spicy food: It can soar your lips if you already have chapped lips and make your condition worse. Spicy food can be irritated and painful to your lips which you can prevent by avoiding it.

What else you should know about dry lips?

In common, if you have tried all these remedies or treatments and even then, your problem of dry lips doesn’t go off that means there might be some issues with your digestive system. How?

As you know when you don’t drink enough water daily, your body tug the water from every part of your body such as intestine to hydrate the cells. But it creates other digestive issues by leading constipation by creating dryness in the colon along with the rest of the body including lips. So, in that case, only water is not enough to hydrate your body but you can add some electrolytes to it for the fast results. It can be very effective for your chapped lips to recover soon.

Sometimes with excessive saliva at night, lips get drier in the morning but do you know why this it happens? Due to heartburn which is due to low stomach acid and that can be cured by drinking lemon water in the morning and apple cider at night, every day. It can solve both the issues.

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