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Keep Your Lips Appealing With Damp lips Tips

Lips that are cracked, parched or dull seem short on looks. It is usually seen people most of the time focus on the face of a person, for the most part when they want to kiss. You might have noticed that the environment around us usually counts on the skin, especially the lips. And you don’t even know that the condition of your mouth says a lot about you apart from other body parts. Not only this, but the state of your lips also apprises about your health.

There is a lot of attention given to the celebs when they make pouts but still, there is something about this eminent organ that you might know : Our damplips are divided into two parts - one is vermillion which is an outer part and the other one is a mucosal lip that is an inner wet part. Vermillion does not have any oil glands, so it goes dry and cracked easily. So, to prevent it and make your lips attractive and damp there are several ways that you can try because damp lips can change the vision of observer towards you.

Here are a few things that people don’t want to see before kissing lips anyone:

Kissing Lips

Dry lips:

According to the doctors it is only due to lack of water in the body and it can worsen the state of your lips if you have a habit to bite them. And no one wants to kiss those dry and chapped lips at all.

Pale lips:

When the color and look of your lips go dull then it is no more alluring. It is only due to deficiency of iron and hemoglobin and it makes your personality uninteresting.

Corner cracks:

It looks so weird and it happens due to fungal infection. And obviously who will get engage the attention of their partner.

Want Good looking Lips? These 3 ways can help you to keep your lips damp and appealing:

Good Looking Lips

1. To keep them hydrated with some natural ways:

For that, you need to follow these steps to make your lips healthy and gorgeous

  • * Drink plenty of water in a day to prevent the damage of your lips to ensure yourself to get hydrated inside as well as outside also. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily which can help your damplips to look full.
  • * If the environment is dry, then you can use a humidifier for a few hours to get some moist and you can notice the difference between the touch of your lips before and after that.
  • * Moreover, you can apply some natural oils such as coconut oil, shea butter or almond oil which can condition your lips and make them hotter in looks.
  • * Cucumber is the best way to keep your body hydrated but not only this but in fact, your lips can also get natural moisture by rubbing it on them. And its effect is also long-lasting.

2. By using products which can moist your lips

There are several products also to make your lips damp and as pretty as a celebrity has-

  • * The usage of balms which are specially designed for dry lips can be the most useful and fastest way to get damp lips. It provides Vitamin E to your cracked lips and it ensures that your moisture will be locked, and outer dryness would not affect your vermillion.
  • * To get rid of dead skin over your outer lips, scrubbing is the most effective way through which you can exfoliate the flaky skin and you left with only good- and healthy-looking tissues. It can be used especially in winters when your lips get chapped.
  • * Perhaps, you know that your lips can be equally damaged via sun rays that your skin gets. On the face you might use some sunscreen lotions but what about lips? There are so many balms or lipsticks that can protect your lips from sunburn and help them to stay pink.
  • * You can apply those products which are hydrated and can provide some moisture to your chapped lips. Like after using Matte lip shades, use some moisturized balm or lip shade to prevent cracks.

3. Keep away from bad manners and habits:

There are so many bad habits which you should stop doing as it can damage the looks of your lips

  1. * You must stop licking your lips on a regular basis because wetting them through tongue can make you feel like damp lips but for a very short duration and can be more harmful. Why so? Because the enzymes that can be found in your saliva can eat the shield which protects your lips to get dried and soft.
  2. * Try to minimize spicy food from your plate so that you can stop them to make your lips dry and chapped which can make them sore also.
  3. * Start breathing from nose apart from the mouth and cover your mouth when its winters because it’s the season of a lot of dryness.

Want Plump and Damp look for your lips?

Plump and Damp - Damplips

It can be done by using a lip liner of the same shade of your lipstick through which you can overdraw the line to make an illusion of fuller lips. And by applying good moisturized and glossy lip shade you can get that look of damp lips. Just put some foundation in the middle of your lips and that gloss outside after applying the lipstick of your favorite color.

Confused in choosing the best lipstick for your damp look?

You can ponder the following features in any lip shade while purchasing:

  • * Check if it is having Vitamin A, C, and E to give a full healthy look.
  • * If it is long-lasting and water-proof so that you don’t need to apply it again and again.
  • * It must be moisturizing in nature to keep your lips soft and smooth.
  • * You can choose the flavor in that as per your choice.
  • * Colors can be chosen as per the occasion and dress that you are wearing.

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